Sunday, November 2, 2008

Puray Falls, The Second Time Around

It was November 1 yet we still chose to go on mountain biking and conquer again the Puray falls for the second time. Another day is another story, another experience to cherished.

e posted an invitation in PMTB if they want to join us and here it was came to be a very exciting ride with Doc Mel, Al, Ed, Ka Cesar, Jeremy, and of course with my co-riders: Ely, Sir Allan, and Raymond.

Here are some of the pictures which worth a million smiles.

The group at the meeting place.

Going to up to Kasiglahan Village.

asiglahan Village.

Pit stop at the bridge of Mascap.

Group pic. L-R: Ka Cesar(adrenalin), Jeremy(terminator), Ely(elysantos23), George(gentleman), Ed(eadejesus), Doc Mel(melmd), Al(alminsaj) - not in the picture, and Sir Allan(aebarredo) - the photographer.

nother group pic.

umping my pedal hard, that was an uphill.

iver crossing.

nother river crossing.

nother river crossing -- action shot. Thanks to sir Allan.

unch at the falls.

over pic before leaving the falls. Hope we can come back again.

n the crib of Ka Cesar, he offer some merienda.


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goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

Pedo said...

Sana marating ko rin ang Puray Falls. I didn't not realize that such a beautiful place exist in Rodriguez Rizal!

Pedo said...

Your last post is November 2008? Tama ba? Ba't di ka na nag-update? What happened? Nagtatanong lang po...


Pedo thanks sa pagdaan mo sa aking blog, yeah there are beautiful places in Rodriguez(Montalban), Rizal na hindi masyadong kilala dala na rin ng kalayuan at isa na dyan ang Puray Falls.

Meron pang mga magagandang places sa Montalban which is di ko pa napupuntahan dahil masyadong malayo located sa kagubatan between Rizal and Bulacan.

Yes, last November 2008 pa ako nakapag-update, masyado kasi busy sa job.

Pedo said...

Ok. I tagged your site in my bloglist, in case you have an update.

Mandie said...

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