Saturday, October 25, 2008

The search for Puray Falls (a.k.a. Tungtong Falls)

The destination: Puray Falls a.k.a. Tungtong Falls which can be found in Sitio Mabolo Brgy. Puray Montalban, Rizal. (Post processing courtesy of Allan Barredo)

It was Saturday again (October 25, 2008) and the destination: Puray Falls. Since we don't have any knowledge of how far and how long will it take to Puray Falls and back home, we left the house around 5:00 AM. We pursue to be in the destination before lunch to manage the time of going back home.

From zigzag road from Payatas (Litex) to Montalban, we follow the road which bring us to Brgy. San Isidro. From San Isidro we just follow the road which heads to Brgy. Mascap. From Mascap proper, we follow the road on the right to which we think the right way going to Puray and yes it was correct BUT it was the hardest way to Puray and the locals called it Macupoy. The road user of Macupoy are only tricycles owned by the locals which cannot crossed the river.

Yes there is an easier way to Puray and that is via the river. And it is more fun than climbing the rolling mountains (not rolling hills).

Here are some of the pictures I can share:

Early in the morning picture. Picture taken in the zigzag road in the boundary of Quezon City and Rizal after the Payatas.

It was a nice weather. A little bit cloudy.

A corporal lecturing us of his own doctrine against communist.

My bestfriend in one of the peak before Mascap proper.

I taking some pictures in the bridge of Mascap.

Start of struggle in uphills of Sitio Macupoy.
I think the word Macupoy evolve from the Visayan term "makapoy" which means tiring.

One of the landmark in Macupoy.

Some samples of the trail going to Puray.

Some of the downhill.

George of the Jungle and the horse.

Thinking how far is needed to go to Puray.

At last we reached Sitio Mabolo where the Puray falls is located.
I playing in the river crossing.

Owen and I carrying our bikes to Puray falls even the locals warned us the difficulty if we bring our bikes. It is really difficult, and I personally recommend to left your bikes to some trusted locals upon reaching Sitio Mabolo because first of all, you can't ride your bikes and you need to carry your bikes unto the falls.

The shoes.

And after with slippers.

The strugglers who carry their bikes to the falls.

Eating our packed lunch.

Going back to the Sitio Mabolo proper.

The 11 river crossings between the two barangay of Mascap and Puray.

Last captured moment in one of the river crossings we took.


N@sh said...

Nice ride guys!

luisa said...

there is no entrance fee right?
please answer, me and my friends are planning to go there next week. thank you.

Kalapati Cometa said...

Kuya hindi ba dangerous yung way papunta sa Puray? I mean safe ba?

jose ramos said...

maganda nga ang puray nakatira ako dyan way back 1980....

MenS Favor said...

Pano pag may car?
Kaya ba magpunta?

MenS Favor said...

Pano pag may car?
Kaya ba magpunta?

MenS Favor said...

Pano pag may car?
Kaya ba magpunta?