Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mountain Biking with Bulacan Riders

It was October 1, 2008 celebrating the Eidl’l Fitr or the last day of Ramadan as declared by President Arroyo in her Presidential Proclamation 1625 declaring the day as holiday. Since it was a Wednesday, Ely and I decided to go on short ride biking but we end up riding around 102 kilometers.

It was one of the nice ride I have. I rode with Baldo (one of the Hakone Boys), Whoopi, Tito Bob, Ka Leo, Bryan (Pangasinan riders), Mang Rey, Doc, Joey (PMTB Libag), and many more (sorry forgot their names). We ate our delicious lunch in Nina's Itikan then pedal ourself to home.

Here are some pictures:

Posed in SM Marilao, Bulacan.

Early birds, early rain shower, early talks, early dirt.

Talking about the single speed bikes of Baldo, one of the Hakone Boys.

The group is getting bigger.

Breakfast in Lugawan in Pinagkuwartelan with Tokwa't Baboy.

Tito Bob remaining strong with his bike.

Doc and Mang Rey.


The order taker.

Coke zero.

hile waiting for the itik to be caught and cooked.

Talking and sharing.

Eating the delicious Itik.

Pekeng duck.


Bryan representing the Pangasinan riders.


demeter said...

pekeng duck... hahahahaha... short ride that ended up as a 102km ride. okay ha. ADDIK ka talaga sa bike. thats great! more power


hello demeter. Yes it was a nice and enjoy bike run we have. Balik kami doon minsan para kumain ulit ng adobong itik hehehe. Hope you can join us.