Monday, October 13, 2008

Mountain Biking in Ipo Dam to Bitbit Norzagaray, Bulacan

It was Saturday again (October 11, 2008) we're joined by one of our office mate Sir Toti on our usual weekend bike run. At first, the plan is to find Ipo dam in Norzagaray then the Angat Dam also in Norzagaray then to have lunch in Nina's Itikan in Pandi believing that it is a short ride only but it's not. It took many hours of uphill pedaling until we reached the Ipo dam and it's sad to say that we can't enter so we just took some pictures and decided to continue our bike run to find the Angat dam.

We asked directions in the locals to point us to Angat dam. Following their directions we end-up in the highest point they called Hilltop. We refuelled ourselves there with softdrinks and some breads. We continue biking after having some rest and talks. Following the road heading to Bitbit, you need to passed the long downhill which is around 6 to 10 curves and you will end up in the bridge to Barangay San Lorenzo.

Here is the terrain map provided by Google:

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We came from Paso de Blas area and the destination is Norzagaray. Just follow the main road from SM Fairview heading to San Jose del Monte Bulacan (Quirino Avenue Extension) then to Norzagaray Bulacan. It took us 82 kms back and forth of travel via bike.

ere are some of the pictures of our captured moments:

Sidetrip to Pinagrealan cave. It is one of the historical cave in Bulacan. It is about 350 meters of rough road from the paved road heading to Ipo dam. Visiting the place has no entrance fee but they give a ticket which cost 10 pesos per head. Maybe that is their way for Income Generation for the maintenance of the place.

he cave men from L-R: Owen, Ely, and George. Do we look like Katipuneros?

The lost Katipunero and a mountain biker.

inagrealan Cave Sineage.

eorge at the unending uphill to Ipo dam.

George at the gate of Ipo dam.

The Ipo dam view from Hilltop.

The "EKSTRIM ROS RIDER". LR: Toti, Ely, George, Owen, and Allan (taking the picture).

KSTRIM ROS RIDER in the bridge of San Lorenzo and Bitbit. I don't know the reason why they called it "bitbit". For us as a mountain biker, it is called "bitbit" because going uphill, you need to carry or push your bike.

Solo pic of George at Bitbit-San Lorenzo bridge.

he sineage of San Lorenzo bridge.

he view on the left of the bridge.

he view on the right side of the bridge. Nice picnic and camping site. Can you spot the mountain biker?

George on his rig.

Photo session of George.

My lonely bike.

Cover pic of our bike run.

Another one.

Some cottages on the camping site.

Human-tree (Taong puno).


Pequitas said...

aaah q lindo

como extraño mi bici!!!

esos paseos que con mi padre solíamos hacer.

cuando niña hacía bicicross




Hello pequitas.

Thanks for dropping by in my humble blog. Hope you can still go on mountain biking and also enjoy the fun of it.

demeter said...

kalimutaw, your write up is very nice. Thanks for sharing the beauty of that place. BTW, its wonderful that you get international viewers like pequitas. She said "ah, how beautiful. Its like the strolls my father and I used to make. I did cross country biking when I was younger"

Congratulations. Your blog delivery is improving. Keep it up!

sleepydizzy said...

hi. im christine, brother ko si sleepydizzy. and im working on a school project website and i need pictures of angat dam or ipo dam. Can i copy and use your pictures? Thanks.. if u have more pls email me it will really be a big help cause im graduating this year. Thanks


Hello christine,

Thanks for dropping by. Sure you can used it, for non-commercial used only :D.

I will try to look past pictures at my hard drive and let see if i don't deleted it.