Monday, October 20, 2008

Finding the Bakas Ni Bernardo Carpio (Footh prints of Bernardo Carpio)

October 18, 2008, it was Saturday again and of course our usual weekend addiction of going off-road places to seek the excitement in mountain biking. Now Sir Allan and I are changing our view of mountain biking, our objective is to go on places while biking and take some pictures of the trails and portraits of ourselves.

t is unusual for us to go alone, also our friends in PMTB invited us to join in the rides in Licao licao, our most favorite trail but there is something in my mind dictates me to go in Bakas Ni Bernardo Carpio (foothprints of Bernardo Carpio) which you can find in Matictic Norzagaray, Bulacan.

My Saturday becomes one of the exciting ride I had thinking that the ride is to be a discovery ride. We woke around 3 in the morning, ate our usual heavy breakfast, packed our packed lunch, and pedaled ourselves on the road around 5 in the morning.

It was still rain-showering when we left home, but it cannot stop us from going to trails. Ely and Owen separated their way to the meeting point of the group going to Licao licao while Sir Allan and I continue our way to Norzagaray. We hit the Norzagaray Rotonda around 7:30 and refuel ourselves there before starting our journey of finding the Bakas.

Here is the simple trail sketch I can share:
1. From Norzagaray rotonda, follow the road heading to the Market until you see a road fork.
2. Follow the left road, that road heads to the market.
3. Right turn on the last street before hitting the market.
4. Count 3 street before turning left, that is the beginning of off-road experience. That road is not paved, and there is a bridge made of wood.
5. Just follow that road and your just few meters away from the river of Norzagaray until you hit the slightly paved road.
6. Left turn and follow again that rough road and around 1 km you will see a big rock formation in the middle of the river in your left. The footprints of Bernardo Carpio is hidden in the middle of that formation. The road is dead end in a community called Kanyakan Matictic Norzagaray, Bulacan.
7. If you want to take some pictures then left turn on that road.

Since we are exploring trails, we asked the locals if there is a way going to the place where the Holcim cement factory is located and their answers are "Wala daan dyan", some says "Meron kaya lang daanan lang ng tao" and from that answer we got the courage to hit the trail which is only passable by walking.

In the that trail we experienced climbing a fence made of bamboo and woods which in the first place I am puzzled how to cross that but we end up climbing it. In that trail, we hit a green spread of rice plantation and follow the trail of locals unto the high way.

e ate our lunch in one of the store there in the community they called Gulod Matictic Norzagaray, Bulacan.

Here are some of the pictures I can share.

The trail heading to Bakas.

I am in Bakas.

Other side of Bakas.

Scenery of river and a mountain biker.

My lonely bike.

Scenery in the end of the road, deep river.

Yes it was really deep river. I'm afraid to that place when I posed for the picture.

Deadstones of cows.

Single track while trying to cross the trail passable by walking and climbing.

Greenfields and a mountain biker.

The Holcim cement factory in Gulod.

Im going home. Where this road is heading?


Charisse said...


nice post on Bakas!!!

i would like to get your permission for the usage of your photos sana for the Philippine Traval Mart. Please contact me at or 09065753690.

Thank you so much!!!

Charisse said...

Hi we'll use your photo for the Philippine travel mart, Sept, 3-5, 2010. YOUR PHOTOS ARE REALLY NICE and depicts Bakas and what you can do there!!! Thank you Thank you!!!

i hope you don't mind. you can visit our booth and we can give you a GC :)

North Philippines Visitors Bureau :)