Monday, September 29, 2008

Mountain Biking In Licao Licao Via Pangarap

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Ely, Sir Allan and me prepared ourselves with heavy breakfast of longganisa and egg before leaving the house by 6:30 in the morning.

We reached Kapitan Arman's Store in Udiongan around 9:30 in the morning. We bought some merienda and talk of our past rides. We talked of "halimaws" (beast) of mountain biker like Ato, Wheeler and King. While having our conversation, one mountain biker came. Sir Allan said, "Kilala ko ito ah?" (I think I know this person) and yes it was darkman. One of the mountain biker that joined us on our ride in La Mesa last week.

Here are some of the pictures I cherish:

In the Jackhammer trail L-R: George, Nash, Ely.
They call it the true Jackhammer trail. The cobblestones makes the jackhammer trail technical for the mountain biker. One of the peeps told me that it was made since the Japanese regime.


L-R: George, Sir Allan, Ely.

Last ridable trail. I am the moment capturer of that time hehehe.

I joined them, picture taken by King.


Mud of the trail. Push and push your bike.
This is our second time in this trail but we are still left sinking the mud.

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