Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mountain Biking in Licao Licao Via Pangarap and Mahogany 1 and 2.

We hike in Mt.Romelo in Siniloan, Laguna which is more popular as Famy by Friday, and it was a night trek and be back to Manila by Sunday morning just to go on mountain biking by Monday(Ninoy Aquino Day).

Here are some of the pictures:

The first group L-R: Owen, Ely, Reden(our new friend), Sir Allan, and George(the camera man)

Joined with sir Edwin.

The group going bigger.

Are we ready?

Yes we are ready, the group of 17 mountain bikers at the entrance of Pangarap Subdivision.

Sneak in back door of La Mesa Dam Reserve Park (we just rest).

Reden and Kuya Oll.

The Halimaw hehehe in mountain biking.

The urban rider and the doc.

Regroup after uphill.

Lunch at Kapitan's house.

My Prima Donna on the mud.

Zoom in the mud...

The ROS K2 bikers with Sir Edwin of PMTB( in his peace sign).

The halimaw mountain bikers.

Oldies but strong mountain bikers.. peace hehehe

The group resting outside the bricks town.

The ROS K2 rider L-R: Owen, Allan, George and Ely(not on the picture).

Pit stop at soft drinks store beside the brick town.

The urban rider joined in off-road mt biking.

Sir Allan on the bridge of Daang Diablo (a.k.a. Jackhammer trail)

The doc fixing my RD hanger(RD drop out).

All in all, it was really a fun ride. Thanks to all of you guys, especially to sir Mike.

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