Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mountain Biking in Licao Licao Via Macabud-Part 2

Total Distance Traveled:
Around 60 km.

What Happened:

It was Saturday(August 2, 2008), 3 o'clock in the morning I was already awake because of excitement to our second mountain biking in Licao Licao but it is still raining so we decided to leave the house one hour late until the sky is clear. We leave the house by 6 o'clock yet it is still raining. We just put oils on our back to prepare ourselves against cold and head ourselves to Litex. While at road, Owen(one of my co-bikers) loosed his bolt on his rear wheel and he needs to push his bike unto the bike shop, luckily the shop is near for him to suffer. After the necessary modifications, we head ourselves to Crossing(San Jose Montalban, Rizal).

While at road, I found myself biking so fast not paying attention that the road is very dirty because of the dirt and juice left by the garbage truck of Payatas. It is really exciting if you assault a small pond of water in your way most specially if the dirt and mud attack your shorts and jersey. I don't know why is it exciting but I found myself playing like a child. I found myself forgetting the reality.

By the time we hit the Crossing, we just rest and continue pedaling ourselves to the boundary frame structure of Macabud and San Jose. We bought cup noodles and ask for hot water in store keeper just to warm our stomach. After that, we pedal ourselves uphill to Licao Licao via Macabud. I myself, as a newbie in mountain biking, I end up pushing my own bike uphill until we hit the rough road to Macabud proper. These are some of our captured memories in that trail.

Rest in the Crossing.

George squeezing his socks after eating the cup noodles.

After the steep uphill to Macabud.

Start of the trail(uphill and rough).

Posed for glory.

Around 20 meter visibility in fog.


After the rain, Licao Licao to Bricks City(Manila Brickworks)

Looking for something?




The bricks city(Manila Brickworks)


demeter said...

ang titindi ninyo talaga. even in the pouring rain tumuloy pa rin kayo ha?! so much energy. keep it up! I've never been to brickworks. It would be interesting to visit that place. and also, its "cup noodles" not *cap ;)


Hehehe I already corrected it sir..Sama ka sa amin one of this days, one of my favorite trail na talaga itong Licao Licao..

Antonio said...

mga adres huwag muna kayo mag-trail sa Macabud via Licao-licao. Kasi medyo mainit pa. Galing kami last Jan. 4, ang daming mga sundalo kasi may mga naambush na mga pulis. Ayaw mag-padaan ng mga Army.

Antonio said...

mag mountain biking na lang muna kayo either Paruwagan sa itaas ng Wawa or Mascap palabas ng Pacific sa may Wawa din. medyo hindi delikado ang lugar.