Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The look of Wawa Dam

Wawa Dam is located in Wawa Barangay San Rafael Rodriguez (Montalban), Rizal. Many of the tourist attracted to visit this place because it is very near in Metro Manila. It also has an enchanted image of nature which attracts photographers to capture their best shots. In 1980's, the dam is left open for the public after the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) abandoned the area and I don't know the reason behind it.

Here are some of the pictures in Wawa Dam:

Looking back to the Brgy. San RafaelLooking back to Barangay San Rafael

The end of cemented road, entrance to dam

No more roads, dam in between the mountain.

View down the trail, big rocks rolling during rainy seasons.

They said, the mark on the rock is foot mark of Bernardo Carpio.

Small gate entrance, it was close before it was let open for public.

View looking back to Wawa where we came from.

The concrete bridge, in 1990's it was made of wood slabs which many of tourist felt the danger.

The Wawa Dam with cottages for rent

The way down.

Shower down the falls of the dam.

Way to Sabangan, Barrio after the dam.

The water reserved open for the public.

Like swimming like this.

This is the view above the Wawa dam reserve.


demeter said...

I think the WAWA DAM, like all OTHER government projects, was abandoned because of MASSIVE CORRUPT PRACTICES causing it to deteriorate beyond repair. The blame should be put on the "good" citizens of that time who did NOTHING while this happened. One voice could stop corruption, being silent will definitely let it succeed.


Yes maybe because of corruption and delinquency of the "good" people who did nothing and let themselves to be like a crocodile.

Antonio said...

Good day, friend if you could revisited Wawa Dam today, Wow! grabe ang nangyari. Washed out ang ibang mga bahay along the river bank. Napuno ng tubig ang buong place at sa kalye hanggang dibdib ang tubig. Sa entrada ng papuntang dam naubos ang mga bahay.