Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Wawa To Pintong Bukawe To Gitnang Bayan(San Mateo, Rizal)

Trail Sketch:
1. From our house(Caloocan City) to Litex.
2. From Litex to Wawa Montalban, Rizal.
3. From Wawa to Wawa Dam.
4. From Wawa Dam to Barrio Sabangan.
5. From Barrio Sabangan to Barrio Inigan.
6. From Inigan to Barrio Matikob.
7. From Matikob to Barrio Casili.
8. From Casili to Barangay Pintong Bukawe.
9. From Pintong Bukawe to Gitnang Bayan via Araneta property, then Timberland.
10. From Gitnang Bayan to our house via Batasan road then Commonwealth Avenue.

Total Distance Achieved:
Approximately 100km because there are times you need to carry your bikes.

Trail Description:
1. From our house to Wawa is a cemented road which is easier to bike.
2. From Wawa to Wawa Dam is rocky slippery rough road with a cliff in your side to the river which is very dangerous.
3. From Wawa Dam to Barrio Sabangan is a nice bike trail but there are some rocks on your way, so you need to carry your bike in order to passed through.
4. From Sabangan to Inigan then to Matikob then to Casili is also a nice bike trail. Trail are either soil or gravel. You need to passed 7 rivers in order to achieved the road heading to Pintong Bukawe from Casili. That road is a road used by NAPOCOR to plant their structures via Sierra Madre. That road is also used by the landfill in Pintong Bukawe.
5. From Casili to Pintong Bukawe is steep uphill about 4 to 5 kilometers so you need to push your bikes.
6. From Pintong Bukawe to Gitnang Bayan is almost all downhill with roads a variety of cemented and rough.
7. From Gitnang Bayan to house is a cemented road.

What happened:

It was Saturday(July 26, 2008), woke up by 4:00 o'clock in the morning. Have some breakfast, took a bath and prepared to assault in our weekend biking trip.

Our plan was to go on our second time biking in Macabud to Licao Licao but Ely, one of my co-bikers loosed the screw on his pedal so we just decided to continue our biking in Wawa and borrow some tools to fixed the problem. After fixing his bike, we trek to trail heading to Wawa dam and have some pictures there. Seeing the trail heading to Sabangan, we decided to follow it and swim on the river, have our lunch, then heads back to Manila but we are not that people who will be contented immediately. After seeing the trail heading to Inigan we decided again to continue the trek until we reached Casili. From Sabangan to Casili, you need to crossed 7 rivers(which is the same river, the Montalban River). The river is deep because it's already rainy seasons so we decided to follow the trail of the locals which is beside the river("Mangilid", the term used by the locals which means follow the trail beside the river). The trail from Sabangan to Casili is strictly not advisable for biking during rainy seasons because the river is deep and you need to follow the trails of locals which is hard in biking(that trail is designed for human only and not for the bike so most of the time you end up carrying your own bike). Crossing the river is not advisable because it is dangerous. If you chooses to cross the river, rent a balsa(similar to banca but it is composed of bamboo tied up together and designed to float in water of course) but not all the river crossings has that balsa available.

On the locals-made trail we found a flat rock, it looks like a table to which we enjoy our packed lunch and have some rest. When we are in Casili, we just rent a balsa in Casili to crossed the river. Then continue the trek by pushing our bikes until we reached Pintong Bukawe with no water on our bottles(we're real stupid, hehehe). On Pintong Bukawe, we refuel ourselves and continue our biking and pedal ourselves home.

Here are some of the pictures:

Ely and George at the rocky rough trail heading to Wawa Dam.

Owen and Ely.

Owen and George.

George at the gate frame to Wawa Dam.
In 1980's, that was close to public to protect the water shed, but since all the water system from the Dam is already damaged and destroyed, the gate is removed and left for the public to enter.



Ely and Owen pushing their bikes at the stairs to the bridge.

George and Ely at the bridge.
In 1990's, that bridge is only made of wood slabs. One typhoon with big floods took the bridge so the barangay changed it to metal(If you already went to this place, can you imagine how strong and big that flood? Yes its true. It swept the residents of Wawa. Can you imagine what's the cause of that flood? I still remember in my childish mind, loosing your house and you need to live in the mountain because of those people who only consider themselves to live, destroying the mother nature.) .

Carrying the bike.




Looking back to Wawa proper.

Ely with the kid carrying 3 sacks of charcoal.
"Kawo" or "Kawa" is a carrying style shown in the picture.

The cave heading to Sabangan.

The dam control house.
If I remember it correctly, before that strong flood, there is no stairs as you can see in the picture before.




Owen and Ely.
If you noticed there is no left safety railings because some of the locals there cut it and used on their own purpose, too bad. Observe safety if you will go in that place.

George on the trail heading Sabangan.



Ely and George carrying their bikes down the river in Sabangan on detour.

Owen and Ely crossing the river in Sabangan.

Walking beside the river.

Looking back to Wawa Dam.

Ely beside the landslide in the river.
The river keeps eating the soil year after year because if you can see, there is no big and strong tree to hold the soil. On the left of Ely is a vegetable plantation(not on the picture).

Bare-footed biker.

George has his slipper.

Beside the river trail, the trail of the locals.

Refuel and rehydrate.

The sardines endorser.

George at the first peak heading to Pintong Bukawe.

Looking back to Wawa Dam(the female's cleavage like mountain).

The rough road of Casili-Pintong Bukawe.

Owen and Ely pushing their bikes.

Owen and Ely on the muddy road after the rain.

1. Ely's pedal screw always loosen and blown out his rear wheel(tube and the tire).
2. Owen needs to removed his shoes to maintain it dry.
3. George twice attack by muscle cramp on his leg.

Lessons learned:
1. Always make sure to bring enough water during biking to keep yourself hydrated.
2. Make it a habit to stretch before going on biking to prevent muscle cramp.
3. Always bring tools to repair your own bike like hexagonal wrench, pump, extra tube and first aid kit.


Allan Barredo said...

sayang di ako nakasama :D. pare-pareho sana tayo masasakit ang katawan ngyon hehe


@allan barredo,

oo nga eh, hanggang ngayon masakit pa rin yung muscle ko na pinulikat(muscle cramps).

dodong flores said...

Nice ride. I wish I can have an MTB too so I can also tread places as beautiful as this...

Charles said...

I can't wait to ride here, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

dru said...

Nice ride.