Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reminiscing My Elementary Days

I was 9 years old when I enrolled in Elementary that's why I am the oldest in the class in my first grade. I was living in the mountain above the barrio Sabangan, the barrio after Wawa which means it takes almost 2 hours walk just to have education (by the way we are the only family living in that mountain until now). I was the youngest of family and the only one going to school alone and no one to talk to just to forget the difficult uphill path going home. I still remember my self assurance I always said to myself, "I went to school because I need to learn and be an educated person".

I still remember that I was just a kid playing text, rubber bond, marble(holen in tagalog),and twister(trumpo in tagalog) from which I gained some extra money (baon). I still remember that I was playing games played by girl like jack stone and some form of jumps in stretched rubber bonds. I still remember that I was playing chasing(taya tayaan at habulan).

I still remember that I was punished by squat with books on my stretched hand and head, being lash(whip) by my teacher in my butt with a meter stick and being left kneeling in rough cement.

I still remember that I was selling ice drops, ice candy, gruel(lugaw), pansit and spaghetti for my teachers. I still remember I was selling guava fruit, star apple and mango in school to earned some extra money(baon).

I still remember that I was jumping out the fence of the school just to play and watch some VHS movie.

I still remember that I was hanging in all sides of jeep most specially in the roof. I still remember that I was walking back home with my school friends because there is no means of transportation due to falling debris in the mountain.

I still remember that I was looking in the grass, scrubs and trees to look for the spider we used to play(oi butcher).

I still remember that I have 2 pesos money everyday for my transportation fare and no extra money for food but I have a packed food for lunch and the viand is always egg. I'm lucky if my viand is fried fish or meat which is very rare to happened. I still remember that I go with my friend in their house to eat with them and to let my cold cooked rice to be heated.

I still remember that I learned to write, read and count with the help of my parents, sisters and brothers, and teachers.

I still remember that I used to stay in library just to read Filipino short stories.

I still remember that I became a science quizzer of my school when I was grade 6.

I still remember that I stop dreaming of continuing in high school because I know that my parents cannot support my schooling but I'm lucky enough that I was granted an scholarship of Barangay San Rafael until I graduated in high school.

Elementary days as I remember is a real funny to which I was developed and be ready in my high school life.

Next is reminiscing my high school days

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