Sunday, July 13, 2008

Puray Falls Bike Trip

From East Wood Subdivision, San Rafael Rodriguez(Montalban), Rizal. We pedal our bikes heading to Avilon Zoo a.k.a Montalban Zoo. From Avilon Zoo, asks the locals there about where is the road to Mascap because if you do not asked, you might lost because there are many small roads which heads to other place. Going to Barangay Mascap, you need to passed in Barangay Isidro first. When you are in Barangay Mascap proper, asked the locals there to point you to Barangay Puray. While heading to Puray, do not forget to asked where is the way going to Puray Falls.

Roads to Puray Falls are either cemented or rough road with rocks or muddy. Uphill biking or pushing your bike while walking will produced the same results but I suggest pushing your bike uphill most specially in rocky rough road because it saves a lot of energy. Downhill biking is really dangerous specially in steep rocky rough road because you might not noticed that you are already running 40kph or more and you can't no more controlled your bikes nor used your brakes. I suggest having your computer on your bikes to monitor your speed and easily apply brakes when you noticed your speed becomes very fast.

We do not succeed biking to Puray Falls because some of the locals told us that it is really dangerous in Puray and also because were just left some few ours to take our bikes home. They gossip that someone selling clothes is holdup and killed. Locals told us that Puray Falls is still far, we need to cross more or less 10 river before reaching the target falls. So after about 5 kilometers from Barangay Mascap, we ate our lunch, have some rest and head ourselves back home.

Hope some other week we succeed biking to Puray Falls. Pictures coming..Now we do not have any pictures because we forgot to bring cameras.

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