Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gubat sa Ciudad

I was really amazed when I heard about the place "Gubat Sa Ciudad" (forest in the city), how it can be? Our country is over crowded with its population of about 90.46 million people according to the National Statistics Office in the year 2008. But it's true, there is a forest in the city.

Gubat Sa Ciudad is located between the boundaries of Caloocan, Quezon City and Bulacan. The place is separated from the crowd with its semi forest surrounding of its own amenities. It has two working pools out of 7 or 9 (other pool are already abandoned).

We first tried to locate Gubat Sa Ciudad by biking from Caloocan heading to Valenzuela thru Llano Road until we reached Bignay, Valenzuela City. From Valenzuela, we asked some locals to point us to the road to Gubat Sa Ciudad. After being lost in one subdivision because of poor direction given by some of the locals, at last one locals there point us accurately to the road heading to Gubat Sa Ciudad.

The first time I saw the place in the entrance, I was a little bit thinking why some of our neighbor believes that the place has something like urban legend stories. But having seen the place in close-up, I was really surprised to the point of deciding to come back the other day to go swimming with the housemates and friends.

We followed the opposite trail on the other side which the locals point us heading to Novaliches Bayan. The day after that, we came back with my housemates and friends and we enjoy the place.

Picture taken by: Allan Barredo

This is the really exciting slides of Gubat sa Ciudad. It is about 30 degrees inclined and the height is about 3 floor building

That is me after shouting out loud of scream then landing on the pool. It's really exciting.

Hope someday I can come back here.

As far as I remember they don't accept overnight swimming.

Fees is around two hundred pesos per head.

Alternative: La Mesa Eco Park has also a good swimming pool but Gubat Sa Ciudad has 8 feet swimming pool and a free cottage which is very nice.

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demeter said...

Sige George, very good, keep writing. I'm glad Gubat sa ciudad was a good experience for you. The fee was 150per head pero they didn't have a lifeguard. Medyo matapang din yung chlorine and some patrons were undisciplined kaya medyo nainis din ako.