Thursday, January 3, 2008

Who knows Bahay Kubo?

It was December 31, 2007, the day before the New Year (2008) comes. I wake up early and prepare myself to celebrate our tradition in MiCOM; we called it “Culture Day”. We do that every year by watching movies that joined in Metro Manila Film Festival. The objective is simple, for us a Filipino citizen must remember our culture, our tradition, our traits and also to cultivate our life of being a FILIPINO.

When I was in a travel going to the SM North Edsa Cinema, I came to a thought; do I still remember the song “Bahay Kubo” because it is the title of the movie we watched. The song goes, bahay kubo kahit munti ang halaman doon ay sari-sari. Singkamas at talong… To which I conclude in advance that the movie might tackle the basic living of Filipino people.

We met exactly at 10:00 o’clock in the morning and decided to enter at the movie house. I was little disappointed to which I saw. Where are the people? There are only two group of watcher, but I hold my temper and am contented to think that “maybe because it was a very early”.

Bahay kubo represents a basic life living of the Filipino people. Living in bahay-kubo means living in the basic needs; food, clothes, and shelter. No need for any expensive things.

Bahay-kubo is about a mother who adopts 6 children and 1 real child. They were a happy family but the trial comes to their way. The mother (Maricel Soriano) is abandoned by her children (including her real daughter) but the eldest (Lily) stayed to support her mother. I was a youngest in my family but I was like Lily, I can detect if there is a problem. When I graduated Elementary, I know that I cannot continue my study in high school; I don’t want to blame my parents because I know, and we only have enough money for our basic needs. Thanks God, the barangay officials gave a scholarship for me. I graduated high school, and I decided to work to help my mother but came up to a decision to pursue my college. And here comes sir Francis to support my college, a person who owns my last vow.

While watching the movie, I come up to a thought. If I am an adopted son, I should be contented to a thought that they only want my future to be better. If I am the parent and come to a decision to give up my child to be adopted, I would not give up my child. They are a treasure that only needs care and our love. In the name of LOVE, there are lots of ways to do even in front of poverty and starvation.

I shall quote the line “kahit hindi ko kayo inianak, mahal na mahal ko kayo dahil lahat kayo nanggaling sa puso ko”. That is a mother. That is my mother; she gave everything for her siblings as far as she can. My mother is not as expressive as Maricel in the movie but she cares a lot for us. Four hundred words are not enough to describe my mother, even a thousand words. My love and determination can only suffice to that.

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demeter said...

yes our mother is precious. suwerte ka in that you have more than one family and more than one home. We are all so lucky to have you too. Families, whether by blood or by "heart" are precious.