Sunday, January 13, 2008

Where are the "gentleman"?

Being a "gentleman" is being in a gender of a male (man). In the Philippines, "gentleman" means offering your seat when you are in a bus, train, or even in a jeepney to a lady, female, girl, pregnant woman, and most especially to the elders. Or walking with a girlfriend in street placing the man in a danger side. Or offering the hand to pull up anyone in climbing a steep path. Or offering a help for a lady or elder carrying heavy loads. Gentleman simply means offering help to those who are in a gender of a female.

But what I want to point out is the situation of expressing an act of a gentleman in public transportation (jeepney, bus, train) today. Where are the gentleman? Are they lost? Or they were still here waiting to offer help?

In my opinion, gentleman are still there because if you only observe while in travel; gentleman still offer their seats (comfort) but there is a limitation. Gentleman only offers their seats to those who really needs a seat like those elder or pregnant woman. And place an exception to those ladies who have strength.

What is the possible reason why there is an exception? In my opinion gentleman do not give their seat to those ladies even the lady is beautiful, because even you give your seat, they will not even say "thank you" and it is very rare if someone appreciate your act of being a gentleman. For me, I offer my seat those who really need (kung kaya mo tumayo o kaya ay sumabit pa, sorry ka di ako mag-o-offer ng upuan ko.)

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Nunoy said...

Tama, Kasi yung mga ibang babae pag pinaupo mo hindi nag te tenkyu! kaya tama yun wag natin silang paupuin. pero paupuin natin yung talagang kailangan paupuin gaya ng matanda at buntis.