Friday, January 18, 2008

There is no place as study area

Got a bunch of books but there is no place to study. I always study hard everyday to prepare in my board examination but there is always a distraction. Lots of topics I must read and review and put in my memory but I can't find a place to do it.

I know there is no perfect place like I want to find but someone must consider those who need a place to concentrate. I am not asking a complete silence but a simple consideration.

Do I need to learn to concentrate like writing a great article in a noisy crowded street? I went to study hall to study but the volume of the television is distracting-- and the worse of it after watching television, the next to it is the FM radio which is much distracting. I went to my room but two came and quarrels.

How can we complained to our neighbors making waking sounds in the morning while WE cannot show the discipline of consideration?

I am not a perfect person but I am a keen observer of the people around me.

If only someone ask me if what is my condition, I am so stressed.

Yes I know everyone has his right to exercise BUT did anyone knows that right has a limitation? I am sorry for this but no one is vigilant to make any small change.


Raechele Anne said...

i miss your presence in school. :)
goodluck on the upcoming board exams, you can make it, i know.

Heartsees said...

thanks chele..

demeter said...

you should ask the others to turn off the tv and radio. especially in these last 2 weeks before the exams