Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Essence of Self Discipline

Self discipline is a hidden force that dictates the true man to a act what is right. It is a habit of decission to oppose the desire of oneself such as lazyness, ignorance and negligence. It is a matter of asking ourself, if I act like this, did the others is affected? It is simply as loving ourself but not taking for granted the rights of others. It is like obeying ourself but keeping in mind the convenience of others.

Self discipline is what we needed in changing our society. It is the primary root of change.

Eating a candy gives a pleasant taste to our tongue but what will you do after you open a piece of a candy? Will you going to throw it anywhere? or you put it to a trash can? or put it to your own pocket in the absence of a trash can? In this situation, self discipline can be observe. Many neglects while few conserve. A fool is ignorant unto his doom, the bright is wise in observing a simple act of discipline. Idiot reason: What is the purpose of maintenance? Yes the purpose of maintenance is to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of establishment but that doesn't mean you have the right to litter. Throwing garbage in the right place doesn't cost a lot of energy lost or waste of energy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Potipot Island, Zambales

The Island
Potipot Island, Zambales is a small beautiful island. Its white fine sand and clear water is the reason of why I keep in my memories the joy of visiting this place.

left picture: taken by Francis Atendido, April 8, 2006

It's a small island located at Candelaria, Zambales (the next town after Masinloc, Zambales).

This island is more or less 1 kilometer from the town of Candelaria, Zambales.

The Water

This is a part of the island where most of the visitor put their things somewhere to enjoy the clear water and the white sand.

right picture: taken by Francis Atendido, April 9, 2006

You know guys when I leave this place, I promise to myself that I will come back here someday. Not to mention that I slept outside just to watch the beauty of the night with the stars scattered above.

The Other Side of the Island

The other side of Potipot is also beautiful, in fact we walk around this island about an hour and I can't keep myself in amazement. Don't get me wrong guys, I really love this place.

left picture: taken by one of our friend using the camera of Francis Atendido

(Mga syokoy galing sa ilalim ng dagat. Hehe lol)

How to Buried Yourself?

We came in this part of Potipot and found the place where we can buried ourself. It starts when one of us buried himself until we found out that all of us already buried. So guys try this one! It feels good and relaxing.

right picture: taken by one of our friend using the camera of Francis Atendido, April 9, 2006

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Philippine Mango

This picture I taken because I can't find a subject to capture.

Philippine mango is the sweetest fruit I really love.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Rights and Its Resposibility

Natatandaan ko pa ang sinabi ng speaker noon sa isang seminar sa aming school. Ang sabi nya "Lahat tayo ay may karapatan. Ngunit bawat karapatan ay may kaakibat na responsibilidad." Simple lang ang kanyang sinabi ngunit may mabigat na kahulugan.

Gaya ng mga sumusunod na pagkakataon:

Karapatan ng bawat isa ang magsaya (mag-inom, mag-videoke) ngunit tungkulin din ng bawat isa ang igalang ang karapatan ng iba. Lahat ay may karapatang maging masaya basta't ilagay lang sa tama.

Karapatan ng bawat isa ang mabuhay o gumawa ng paraan para mag-survive para sa araw-araw. Ang mga holdupper, snatcher, mandurukot at mga magnanakaw ay may karapatang mabuhay at makaraos sa pang-araw araw na pangangailangan ngunit hindi naman tama ang mag-take advantage sa kahinaan ng iba. Kawawa naman ang mga nagiging biktima.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Buruwisan Falls (Siniloan[FAMY], Laguna)

The Buruwisan Falls

Amaze with the beauty of this waterfalls. Also enjoy swimming with her fresh water. (Nakakatuwa kasi ng maligo kami dito umagang umaga matapos kami mag-breakfast, iyun kailangan mong baliktarin ang paniwala mo gaya ng wag mo isiping malamig. Iyun nakakigo talaga ang ilan sa amin habang yung iba nagkasya na lang na panoorin kami).

left picture: taken by Allan Barredo, February 3, 2007

Just take my simple advise. If you went to this place be aware to disposed your garbage to the right place.

The Group at its posed in the trail down the Buruwisan Falls

The trail down the falls is difficult because of its slope. It is better to walk with four feet for your safety.

right picture: taken by Allan Barredo, February 3, 2007

Group Pic at Buruwisan Falls

Take some look at the picture, some are wet, the other is still wearing their jacket. Know why? Because if you take the risk of taking a bath early in the morning, you will find yourself freezing.

right picture: taken by Allan Barredo, February 3, 2007

(kakatuwa talaga kasi ang lamig tapos, I promise na maliligo ako kaya yun, need to reverse orthodox).

The Lansones Falls

From Buruwisan Falls, you can follow the path of the water until you see the water junction path. Follow that water until you find this falls.

right picture: taken by Allan Barredo, February 3, 2007

This falls is not good as Buruwisan falls but for a matter of seing another falls, try to find this falls.

The Batya-batya Falls

They call this falls as batya-batya because above that falling water is a basin of water (in tagalog, batya).

left picture: taken by Allan Barredo, February 3, 2007

In this falls, you can also enjoy swimming or just stare at it and take some picture.
To go there just follow the path of the water in Buruwisan (against the flow of water).

A Jump of Success and Joy

This capture the moment of success in the adventure of hike to Buruwisan falls also the joy we've share.

right picture: taken by Allan Barredo, February 4, 2007

This picture taken at the second peak of the trail while going back home.

The Kugon Trail

Look at this scenery of kugon around, its somehow a nice place to take some picture.

left picture: taken by Allan Barredo, February 4, 2007

The picture resembles a happy moment of trek down the jump off point.

Some Advise of Hike to Buruwisan Falls at Mt. Romelo, Siniloan, Laguna:

1. Prepare all your necessary needs such as:
**Tents (If you decide to stay over night. In case you forgot to bring tent, there are
some cottage in the camping site at Buruwisan Falls).
**Food (of course to survive, lol. In case you run-out of food, there are some stores at
the camping site but beware: price are twice of its original price)
**Cooking utensils
**Personals(clothes, lunch box, alcohol, tissue, some emergency medicine)

2. Packed all your things in a backpack camping bag. (Avoid handbags and be prepare
to a slippery trail but last time we are so lucky of having a friendly trail up to
3. Go to Legarda Street, below Nagtahan Bridge(correct me if I'm wrong) is
"Raymond Transportation bus station(Telephone number is +632-7339380)". Ride a bus going to Infanta, Quezon and tell the conductor
you point to Famy, Laguna. Every hour, 24 hours a day the bus left going Infanta so you will not
bother of catching a bus ride. Bus fare for aircon is more 100
pesos and for ordinary is less 100 pesos.)
4. As you arrive at Famy, you can buy some fruits at some fruit stand there or you
buy additional supplies. From that point (Famy), ride a tricycle and tell the driver
you are going to Buruwisan Falls. Fare is 15 pesos per head.
5. There is a big sign board there saying "Welcome to Buruwisan Falls". Head down
and walk through that path down till you see a small bridge.
6. At that point, in your left is a water path like a canal(the came from their
irrigation. Walk through that water path till you see a cemented road.
7. Follow that path till you see a nursery of trees in your left(Ask for a guide there,
is about 200 pesos).
8. Cross the small river at your right and look for the "jump off point to Buruwisan".
(Ask some folks there)
9. Register at the jump off point. Also pay 20 pesos per head.
10. Before going to hike, check first your things. (Is your shoes is fix, slipper is not

The rest is yours. Enjoy!

Happy: Yes so happy because I really enjoy the adventure and the place(the folks said, there are 8 falls at that mountain range. Some are Buruwisan, Lansones, Batya-batya, Sampaloc falls, etc).

Negative: Some of the campers, uses soap in washing their plates which is in fact they must know that "By avoiding the use of soap at the river is one way of preserving our environment".

We must also avoid loiterring(some of them left their mineral bottles huh!). There is a responsibility there, that you must bring back your garbage to the jump off point.

Note: It is ethical to greet everybody when we are in the mountain.
It is NOT ethical to point a flash light in face of the other.

Past Time Tricky Question

Gusto ko lang po i-share ang ilan sa mga paborito kong tricky question. Heto po ang ilan at sana'y maibigan nyo:

NOTE: Para malaman ang tamang sagot, i-highlight lang po ang nakatagong sagot pagkatapos ng word na "SAGOT".

1. Isang araw inutusan ka ng nanay mo na bumili ng kalamansi at binigyan ka ng piso (1 peso). Pag dating mo sa tindahan, nagtanong ka sa tindera kung magkano ang kalamansi. Tatlo kinse (3 pieces for 15 cents) ang sabi nya.

Eto ang tanong, ilang piraso ng kalamansi ang mabibili mo at magkano ang sukli?

SAGOT: 20 piraso at wala ng sukli.

2. Isang araw wala kang kapera pera, kaya naglakad ka na lang papunta sa pupuntahan mo. Sa unang kanto, nakapulot ka ng dalawang piso(2 pesos). Sa sumunod na kanto, nakapulot ka ulit ng tatlong piso (3 pesos). May nadaanan kang tindahan at naisipan mong bumili ng tinapay. Tinanong mo ang tindera kung magkano ang tinapay at nalaman mong 3.50 pesos ang halaga ng tinapay. Nagbayad ka at kinain na ang tinapay.

Eto po ang tanong, magkano ang sukli mo?

SAGOT: 50 cents (you have 5 one peso coins so you only pay an amount of 4

3. May isa kang kaibigan na nasa ospital at napagpasyahan mong dalawin ito. Kaya lang kailangan magbigay ng lagay sa bawat guard sa bawat palapag (floor) ng ospital. Eto ang condition, kailangan mong ibigay ang kalahati ng kasalukuyang dala mo at ibabalik nya ang isang piraso. Sa kasamaang palad ng araw na yun ang nadala mo lang ay mga hilaw na itlog. Ilang itlog ang dadalhin mo para pagdating sa 10th floor may itlog ka pang dala para sa kaibigan mo.

Halimbawa nagdala ka ng sampung itlog, sa first floor ibibigay mo ang lima at ibabalik nya ang isa. Para sa second floor, may dala ka pang anim na itlog. Ibibigay mo ang tatlo at ibabalik nya ang isa. Para sa third floor, may kang apat pang itlog. Ibibibgay mo ang dalawa at ibabalik nya ang isa. Para sa fourth floor, may tatlo ka pang itlog at sa kasamaang palad hindi ka na maaring magtuloy dahil hindi na pwedeng hatiin pa ang tatlong hilaw na itlog.

SAGOT: Dalawang hilaw na itlog


My Simple Plan of Removing Stress

Sa mga stress na aking nararanasan sa araw-araw hindi ko maiwasan ang maghanap ng mga posibleng lunas at paraan upang mabawasan ang mga agam-agam, takot at pangamba sa aking isipan dahil nga ako ay isang Engineering student.

Minsan naisip ko ang umuwi sa aming province na di naman kalayuan sa Manila at doon mag-UNWIND. Ang plano ko ay mamimingwit(catching fish using hook and string attach to a long stick) sa isang ilog. Magbabaon na lang ako ng pananghalian at ilang snack. Nakakaaliw yun at higit sa lahat makakalimutan ko ang aking mga problema.

One of this coming weekend, I will try this one to prove if I am right.

Stupidity in the Jeep

Marami man ang nakakaasar at nakakasira ng araw na pagkakataon na maaring mangyari sa iyong pagsakay sa isang pampasaherong jeep, meron din namang nakakatuwang parte kung iyo lang oobserbahan. Gaya nito:

Ale: Mama magkano po ang Quiapo?
("Hehehe. Naku ale mahal po ang Quiapo.." sa isip ko)

O di naman kaya ay ganito ang situation:

Ale: Mama bayad po.
Driver: Saan ito?
Ale: Isa lang
(Oooops teka ano ba ang tanong?)
Driver: Ilan po ito (mahinahong tanong ng driver)
Ale: Araneta lang po.
(Ang labo no pero parang nasanay na ang mga driver sa ganung katangahan ng
mga pasahero)

Minsan naman ay ganito:

Ang driver ay paulit-ulit na nagtatanong dahil nga sa maingay ang paligid idagdag pa ang mahinang boses ng nagbabayad. Napapangiti na lang ako at ako na ang nagsisilbing amplifier ng naturang pasahero.

Ang pasahero na di mo malaman kung ano ba ang problema at nakabukaka o di naman kaya ay nakatagilid pa na animo'y walang pakialam sa kanyang paligid na kahit ang simpleng pag-abot sa bayad ng ibang pasahero ay di magawa.

Sana naman maging mapagmasid tayo, sana'y maisip nating makisama at makipagtulungan. Ang mga PILIPINO ay hindi tanga dangan nga lang at hindi pinagtutuunan ng pansin ang mga simpleng bagay.

Dirty Secret of SOME Police

Nakakainis talaga ang ilan sa ating mga kapulisan. Natatandaan ko pa ng ako ay may nakasakay na isang estudyanteng tulad ko. Umagang umaga noon papasok pa lang ako sa isang di kilalang unibersidad dyan sa ka-Quiapoan. Ikinuwento ng estudyante na na-holdup daw sya noong umagang iyun mga bandang alas syite (7 AM) habang nakasakay sa isang pampasaherong jeep. Ang sabi pa, ang ikinapagtataka pa nya ay kung bakit ang driver ay di nakiki-alam. Di nakatiis ang driver ng jeep na sinasakyan namin kaya ito nakisali sa kwentuhan namin, "Paano kami makikialam eh kilala na namin ang mga iyan isa pa protektado iyan ng mga pulis!". "HO?" ang malaking tanong ng estudyante. "Oo kasi sa tatlong holdup o snatch o dukot may parte ang pulis. Dalawa sa pulis at yung pangatlo malinis na iyun para sa worker". Maya maya lang pumara na ang estudyante sa tapat ng RAON, criminology pala ang course ng estudyante.

Ano kaya ang naramdaman ng estudyanteng iyun matapos marinig ang katotohanan?

Posible kayang magsilbi syang daan para malinis ang pangalan ng ating kapulisan at magsilbing huwaran sa mga kabataan o kanya kayang tutuluran ang marumi at bulok na pamamaraan ng ilan na para ng butete ang mga tyan dahil sa pagiging batugan.

BEWARE: Espana Avenue

I was riding a public utility jeepney everyday to school. My school is somewhere in Quiapo, Manila. In my everyday life, I experience the traffic in Espana which in worse case sometimes late in my first subject, the flood that can result to a five hours or more hours of jeepney ride going home. That two are the major problems that anyone can experienced. Not to mention some of dirty secrets of that road. I was talking to the fucking holdupper, snatcher, and hidden theft(I mean "mandurukot) which the major objective is taking your important valuables such as your cellphones or your wallet. They are always consist of three or more person for theyre safety.
Be aware of them because they are everywhere ready to take advantage of someone's ignorance and weakness.
Base on my observation, theyre victim are usually female, student, some of ignorant PROMDI or even a big man as long as they can over power that victim.