Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Ill-mannered Barker in Munoz-Pantranco PUJ Route

Who are these ill-mannered person barking below the Pantranco pedestrian bridge? What are they doing?

They are called BARKER here in Philippines. I know other country don't have these people (Wala sila noon, sa Pilipinas lang meron nyan!). What they did is to call a passenger by shouting the specific destination. They also concern in making the jeepney passengers to compress as they could by making the jeepney capacity increase by 2 or more (yung waluhang jeep sa isang hilera ay ginagawa nilang siyam o kaya'y sampung tao). Of course, by doing that the profit of the driver also increases (kakuntsaba na yang mga damuhong driver, na kung titingnan mukhang buwaya na. Okey lang naman sana kumita pero isaisip rin sana nila ang comfort ng mga pasahero, bigayan sana ).

I wrote this blog because what happened today (August 4, 2007) was a reality that the concerned administration must take an immediate action. What happened is one barker thrown a stone to a Quiapo-Project 8 jeepney where i was riding inside. The reason is they don't want the passenger to ride other jeep than what they barking for (Ang gusto kasi nila ay sa Munoz-Pantranco jeep lang dapat sumakay ang mga pasahero na nasa Pantranco). The problem is this, how about if your destination is Project 8? Would you ride Munoz-Pantranco and then will ride another jeep going to Project 8 and it will cost 14 pesos (as of August 2007) than riding a jeep direct to Project 8 which only cost 8.75 or 9 pesos fare.

As I know, (please correct me if I'm wrong...) the route of Munoz-Pantranco is an illegal. Which means they don't have the right to operate. We all know that everyone of us have the right to live, but we must also know and consider that we must live in right way.

Also those ill-mannered barker must consider that they must find another way to find their living. (Hay naku nakakaasar talaga itong mga ewang tao...)

To those concern about this situation, please take an immediate action according to this issue. (Kumilos naman kayo bago pa may mapahamak )

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