Friday, July 6, 2007

The Demolition of Little Vietnam in Quiapo, Manila

A colony of notorious killers and hideout of illegal drug peddlers which is located in the right of the Arlegui bridge in Arlegui Street Quiapo Manila is called the "Little Vietnam". I don't know why they called it as Little Vietnam, but maybe because of its situation.

Lastly the policemen recovered three dead bodies in the creek near beside the said place. Most of the time when I see situation such as snatching in Quiapo, the snatcher's scape place is the Little Vietnam. I don't want to be rude but this squatter place is really needed to be demolished for the general welfare.

I really appreciate the risk that Mayor Lim take in action (demolition of Little Vietnam squatter) but he must put in consideration the relocation and the actual support he must give for the affected families.

The purpose of Mayor Lim is to fight drug addiction also against crimes. Let us support the plans of this Mayor, I know his plan is enough for us to make Manila as number 1 city.

This is an update of this blog (August 4, 2007):

I was disappointed to what happened next to the demolition, the residence of demolished Little Vietnam still stays around the said place. Their reason is something like the relocation area is very far (I think somewhere in Laguna) also that their means of living is by different variety of jobs just only to survive for one day which can be commonly found in Quiapo.

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demeter said...

I've heard about this demolition but I didn't know it was so close to T.I.P. If these lowlifes think you can squat wherever you want and steal land while the rest work hard for these things then they are just asking for punishment. People should never again vote for the likes of that STUPID BingbongCrisologo(kulugo talaga!). MORE POWER TO MAYOR LIM!