Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Potipot Island, Zambales

The Island
Potipot Island, Zambales is a small beautiful island. Its white fine sand and clear water is the reason of why I keep in my memories the joy of visiting this place.

left picture: taken by Francis Atendido, April 8, 2006

It's a small island located at Candelaria, Zambales (the next town after Masinloc, Zambales).

This island is more or less 1 kilometer from the town of Candelaria, Zambales.

The Water

This is a part of the island where most of the visitor put their things somewhere to enjoy the clear water and the white sand.

right picture: taken by Francis Atendido, April 9, 2006

You know guys when I leave this place, I promise to myself that I will come back here someday. Not to mention that I slept outside just to watch the beauty of the night with the stars scattered above.

The Other Side of the Island

The other side of Potipot is also beautiful, in fact we walk around this island about an hour and I can't keep myself in amazement. Don't get me wrong guys, I really love this place.

left picture: taken by one of our friend using the camera of Francis Atendido

(Mga syokoy galing sa ilalim ng dagat. Hehe lol)

How to Buried Yourself?

We came in this part of Potipot and found the place where we can buried ourself. It starts when one of us buried himself until we found out that all of us already buried. So guys try this one! It feels good and relaxing.

right picture: taken by one of our friend using the camera of Francis Atendido, April 9, 2006

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demeter said...

i remember lying on the still waters, afloat. Parang nasa isang pool ka lang kasi tahimig ang tubig. Seeing the immense numbers of stars in the sky. halos 180degrees ang makita mo na kalangitan. Potipot is amazing

Alvin & Lynne said...

Hi Kiko,

It's Lynne from AMA, remember me? I tried to google you and found this site. Kumusta na?

You can email Alvin & I at acruz1644@rogers.com.

Keep in touch!

Heartsees said...

Hi to Alvin and Lynne

You can go to his blog:


demeter said...

Lynne and Alvin!!! how are you? Its amazing that you were able to find this. I'll email you soon! Cheers!

Ana Maria said...

Hi! I love your blog about the Potipot Island. How can we go there? And what's the best time to visit? We're planning to go in November. Your reply is much appreciated. Thanks!