Sunday, February 11, 2007

BEWARE: Espana Avenue

I was riding a public utility jeepney everyday to school. My school is somewhere in Quiapo, Manila. In my everyday life, I experience the traffic in Espana which in worse case sometimes late in my first subject, the flood that can result to a five hours or more hours of jeepney ride going home. That two are the major problems that anyone can experienced. Not to mention some of dirty secrets of that road. I was talking to the fucking holdupper, snatcher, and hidden theft(I mean "mandurukot) which the major objective is taking your important valuables such as your cellphones or your wallet. They are always consist of three or more person for theyre safety.
Be aware of them because they are everywhere ready to take advantage of someone's ignorance and weakness.
Base on my observation, theyre victim are usually female, student, some of ignorant PROMDI or even a big man as long as they can over power that victim.

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